Monday, October 09, 2006

Fire & Ice first page happy dance!!!


Just a quick update before I go to bed. I'm busy busy busy with my study (had an exam last week) so I'm sorry for not posting much. Hope to have a better post-week this week!

Anyway, here is the picture:

I'm off to bed.
Have a nice week everyone!


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Happy dance and stash!

Hi everyone,
Wow....the weeks fly..... I tryed to update at least ones a week but I failed :(.
But I got a lot to show you!:
First of all, I finished the present for my mum!

And I found a cross stitch shop in the town where I study! They really have a lot and they also design their own things. New stash (the blocks thing is their own design).

This week I picked up the UFO Fire & Ice and I decided that I'm trying to finish it this year! I can't remember why I put it away, it's relaxed stitching and a beautifull design....I'm strange:p.
Progress pic:

I leave you with two pictures of my pets. My cat and my chinchilla. Adorable, aren't they?!

And know I go and try to catch up with your blogs!

Bye :D.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

'A mother's work' almost finished!!!

*yay*, the present for my mum is almost finished! Only some backstitching and a few bubbles!
The mother mouse looks a bit like an alien on the photo:p.
I hope to finish it tomorrow.

I also framed a little work I made a few months ago.
The idea is that an other animal of the serie is going on the other side in the frame. And then I have the same frame for the last two of the serie.

Tomorrow begins my second school week...


Friday, September 15, 2006

A little post...


First of all: Thank you all for the links:) (and those who didn't have links: comments are always welkom:D).
Unfortunatly I still didn't find what I was searching for:(.

This is just little post to let you know that I survived the introductioncamp and my first week of school! :p.

The reason why I didn't update so long: First I had the introduction, then I got sick, and then I had a busy and exhausting first shool week (I was getting used to do nothing...:$).
So no time to stitch:(. But now it's weekend so in a little while I have another update!

About the study: In the first period we have three 'things' (in dutch 'vakken', don't know the english:O):
Cognitive science, maths and logics.
There interesting but the vacation is defenitly over...:p.

This was my little post!

Have a nice weekend everyone:D


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Freebie hunt

I was looking for cross stitch site's which have freebies. I'm part of a group that stitch for charityquilts, but this time I can't find any patterns that match with the requests:(.
The stitching must be about 10x10 cm (55x55 stitches) and have one of the following subjects: giraffe, horse, butterfly of birds.
If anyone can help me find a pattern I'm really glad! And I'm sure the person who get the quilt would be to :).

On my way to find freebies I came to the following site: In the menu on the top is a link called 'freebie hunt'. You have to answer 6 questions correctly and then you get six free patterns! So I thought let's share this link!

I've also stitched this week. I finished a secret gift for a friend of mine, Matthias, who has a new home since friday. Since he has recieved the gift yesterday it's no longer a secret so I can finally share a photo:p.

As you might figured, it's the picture next to the text:p.
It's a Margaret Sherry design, one of the cattitudes horoscope. (see, I'm learning to mention from who the kit/pattern is! Always forget that...).

It's the 'leo' one. I turned the word 'leo' in to 'leeuw' which is dutch for 'lion' and that is also the dutch word for the zodiac sign 'leo'.

On the other photo you can see how I framed it.
It almost went totally wrong just before the framing,

because after the scanning, there was suddenly a strange yellow spot on the aida. But luckely it went (almost totally!) away after lots and lots of water.

Now I going to bed. Have to get out early tomorrow , 7 o' clock. (well, maybe late for you're opinion, but early for mine:p) And then I have a three day introduction for my new study (real lessons start next week) in the middle of nowhere!

Can you imagine....three days NO stitching, NO internet and NO piano....And...not youre blogs to read!........
How am I ever gonna survive!!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa :p.

Ok, now I'm really going to sleep, I wrote enough on this post already!

Have a nice week everyone!

Bye! :D

ps @ margaret: I was just updating while you posted! But as you can read above I know tomorrow who my fellow students are. And next week if it's an interesting study.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

The end is near....

Vacation is almost over...:(
Next week begins the introduction for my new study, and then the real study starts....
I hope I like it:).

In the meantime I've been spoiled:p. Look what a really really cute gift I got from my boyfriend ^^.

And I've also been stitching! I did a lot on my mother's present! I think I've done 50% of it now:).

I'll try to update my blog more often.
And now I go and read youres :D.

Bye bye :D

Monday, August 21, 2006

Gift and skirt

I got a gift from my parents because I got my propedeuse :D.
Cat coasters from Margaret Sherry. I think the look really cute ^^.

I didn't stitch much last week because I was making a skirt!
It's the first skirt I ever made. It's the black thing. The pink thing is a petticoat.
This was my outfit for an rock n roll party:).

I have lots of time to stitch this week so a lots of updates I hope! Only need to find batteries for my camera and hoping that it still works after I spilled some coke over it :$.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Winnie has opened his eyes to see the world!

Yes, it's true. Winnie has finally got his eyes! And I finally believe that I can finish this UFO one day!

I also stitched a bit on Tigger. I hope I can finish him somewhere this week. Then only Eeyore and lots and lots of grass...

That's al the news. Now I'm going to quit trying to write english because my head hurts like hell:(.



Tuesday, August 08, 2006

10 years ago...

Well, since I don't want to be poked with Jo's needle, I'll do a meme.:p
Although it's useless I quess, as you can see!

10 years ago…

1) How old were you?
THEN: 11
NOW: 21

2) Where did you go to school?
THEN: Het Spectrum (primary school)
NOW: In september I start Artificial Intelligence on the University of Utrecht

3) Where did you work?
THEN: Didn't work then
NOW: Don't work now:p

4) Where did you live?
THEN: With my parents
NOW: With my parents

5) How was your hair style?
THEN: Long and darkbrown.
NOW: Halflong, and dyed black in true goth style. :D (I'm sorry, I had to steel that sentence:p)

6) Did you wear contacts?
NOW: Yes

7) Did you wear glasses?
THEN: Yes (hm, well, I had to wear them but I didn't)

8) Who were your best friends?
THEN: Lianne en Marina
NOW: Bas and a lot more:p.

9) Which of your pets were still alive?
THEN: Our guinnes pig and my chinchilla and my hamster.
NOW: The same chinchilla:D, an other guinnes pig and my cat.

10) Who was your celebrity crush?
THEN: Hm, it was not really a crush but I liked Johnny Depp, Axl Rose and Slash
NOW: Johnny Depp (and I still like Axl and Slash too)

11) How many piercings did you have?
THEN: Two earrings, one in each ear
NOW: Five, the two earring + another one in mij left ear. One in my navel and one in my lip.

12) How many tattoos did you have?
THEN: 0.
NOW: 0, but maybe that changes some day.

13) What was your favorite band/singer?
THEN: Guns n' Roses
NOW: Too many to mention, but I give a short list of what I've listened resently: Guns n' Roses, Marilyn Manson, Siouxsie and the Banshees, the Cruxshadows, Covenant, Suicide Commando.

14) Had you smoked a cigarette?
NOW: Yes

15) Had you gotten drunk?
NOW: Yep

16) What did you want to be when you grew up?
THEN: It was always something else, changing every day.
NOW: Mum :)

17) Looking back, are you where you wanted to be in 2006?
Hm, I didn't have a idea about how I wanted to be now, because I was just a little girl.
But if everything goes as planned now, then I'm now where I want to be now:D.

This evening or tomorrow I will post a blog about cross stiching again.
And I'm busy making a new blog:D And this time for real:p


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

About backstitching...

Yesterday I finished the little stitch project for the charityquilt.
As usual I was very exciting when I get to the backstitching. I know a lot of stitcher don't like backstitching, but I really love it! It give a great look to you're project!
Just see the difference:

I can not figure out how it's possible to not like backstitching:p.

O, and by the way: the kitty looks really cute, isn't he:D.

I also did a bit on the bookmark. Not much done yet as you can see:

And I have a new thing to ease my cross stitching!
I used to split threads with my mouth. But since I had a piercing that didn't worked very well.
So I started to look around for a threadspliters and when I saw how it works I started to create my own.

It's a really easy concept: just put something heavy under you're threads!
I have no idea how the thing I used is called in english, but for the dutch people:
It's a knijper.

I was planning to post yesterday but blogger was acting weird so it became today.

New update's on bookmark and other things is coming soon!

That's all folks!


ps: I hope you all watch this site in Internet Explorer because in Firefox it looks messy sometimes!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

At last! Pictures!

Finally I have them! Picture's! I bought batteries for my camera and now it works again!
So I can show you the little I've done (it's very hot here, to hot to keep my crossstitch mojo up:p):

This is the progress I made on my sister's birthday present which was the 11th of July *blush*. But I promised her to finish it soon!

This is the progress I made for the charityquilt. Only a bit air, grass, cat, bee and backstitch and it's finished! I hope I can do that tomorrow!

And I bought some new stash. Eeyore things :) because Eeyore is really cute ^^. And the zebra is from a serie from which I already made the giraffe!


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bad girl...

O, I'm really a bad girl! I promised to update more and still didn't do it!
But now I need to finish something before august, so maybe that will help me keep my blog up to date!

I have no photo's yet, because my camera is acting weird. But in the meantime I have some news:
First: I have a piercing in my lip! *yay*.
Second: I have a car! Don't have my drivers license yet....I got the car from Nick for free! So again thank you very much Nick!
And my legs are getting better. They're no longer swollen. Only a little bit red from the sunburn.

Then about cross stitching:
My sisters present is not ready yet, but first I gonna make a little cat for a charityquilt.

I want to finish it this week!
And I'll try much harder to update more often!

Thank you all for you're comments:)


Friday, July 07, 2006

I'm still here!

I haven't post a long time. I've been on vacation for 1,5 weeks and I was planning on mention it in my blog. But I forgot....The week before I was gone was very busy with school things and stuff. So I also didn't sticht much then. And I'm a really chaotic person so the evening before we would leave I still needed to pack al my clothes and other things. And so it happened that I realised I didn't post about the vacation when I was sitting in the car on my way to France *blush*. Maybe a good idea for me to buy a brain!

So I went to France. It was really great there. We where planning to go for two weeks, but on monday my legs started to act strange. The became swollen, more and more. And then I wasn't able to walk anymore because of the pain, so we decided to go home. And know I'm home since wendnesday evening. But could'n post since today because it's just now that I can finally walk a little bit again!

I did a bit of stitching for my sisters birthday which is 11th july. Not have a picture yet, I'll try to post one tomorrow.

I hope you all can forgive for not mention my vacation...I try to post more often again! Hope you still want to visit my blog! 2 months vacation from now so a lot of stitching is coming up!


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

New kit arrived!

Because I passed my math exam, my parents decided to give me a present. It's been a while ago, but the kit was coming from canada. And now it arrived!
Here you can see what it looks like:). Didn't have a better picture.
There's only one thing: The kit contains light blue aida, but I think it looks better on white. Because the blue aida is
And the picture on the front is also on white aida.

Again didn't do much cross stitching. It was really hot weather, and that makes me lazy:p.
But I was planning to stitch a bit today and tomorrow so maybe tomorrow there's a update from my cross stitch works.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Long time no update!

It's been a long time with no posts! I had a busy weekend, planning vacation and buying stuff for it. And two birthdays. I did a bit of stitching:
The terrible french knots are back!!!! :(. But luckely there almost only on the towel. And it looks nice:).

I also decided to be a bad girl and stop with my rotation. Well, what else can you expect on a day like 06-06-06 :p.

But I have a good reason! A lot of gifts which need to be finished soon.
My mother's day present, my father's day present, the secret gift, my sister's present and something for a charityquilt.
So I thought I'll better make a lot of progress on those before I go on with the non-date-related stuff:p. And I'm going on holiday soon, so...

Well, do I have other news??? O yeah! About the Secret gift!!!!

Hmmm, neh, I don't think I start that...Once I start there ain't no stopping!
So better keep it untill the lucky person has it!

Tomorrow is gonna be another french knot day....And in the afternoon Geert comes and visit me, so I don't think I come anywhere further then only the french knots:p.

See you later!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

stitching and cats

First of all: Thank you all for the nice comments about the photo's...And for all other comments, I love comments:p.
And for the ones who didn't now this yet: If I answer you're comment more specific, then I do that as a comment in the comment menu (under the comment). So you can look there. In that way I hope to have a not really messy blog, while I still answer you're comments:).

About stitching:
Didn't stitch much. Yesterday I stitcht a little bit on the house mouse design for mother's day..(yeah, a little late, I know;)).
As you can see the bath is finished and I'm busy with the little mouse. I really love working on this one. A real relief after the Winnie:p.

I aslo decided what I'm going to stitch for father's day.
A tree frog. He really likes reptiles and amphibians.
One of the reasons that they're now on vacation in Madagascar.

This is how the frog is supposed to look like when it's finished.
I think it's really cool. I hope my father thinks so too:).

Today I don't have much time to stitch. First I have to go to school to request my propedeuse so I can go to the University.
And after that I go and visit my uncle who lies in the hospital.

And since my parent are on vacation and my sister works, I have to make dinner tonight.
But maybe I'll stitch a bit in the evening!

About the cats:
We opened the door from the living room, so they all can walk through the whole house now. The others are used to that but for Dana (newbie cat) it was new. But she still sit mostly in the living room. After looking around everywhere she went downstairs. And when we wanted to sleep she went upstairs and started meowing before my room...It goes better with the others and Dana now. The don't play together or something yet, but they hiss less and there've been no more fighting.

Now I go and eat my breakfast and then I'll go to Rotterdam!


Monday, May 29, 2006


I didn't stitcht much last days...A bit on the winnie, not enough to show you a pic. And I started the alphabet..

I didn't finish two characters which I planned, because I made a mistake with the 'k'. Though the 'l' is finished. Looks a bit odd on the pic:p.

We put the cats together and they all still live:p. Altough the new cat doesn't know what to think about the other cats. So there's a lot of hissing around.
There've been one fight today, but nobody got hurt.

Here are some pictures:

Sleeping on the chair.

Cuddling with me. (the yellow is from a injection)

My cat was lying high looking at the new cat, and newbie was looking up.
Look really cool, but did'nt fit on one photo:(.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Another update:p

And here it is, finally...after such a long time waiting;) (you're very impatienced Nick!!!:p) another update!! Winnie is not finished yet, but I made a bit more progress..

I finally believe that I can finish it:p Maybe even this year!! Can't say that about my siberian tiger.

I wasn't able to go on with updating my other site because we didn't have internet for the most of the day. I hope I can finish it next week.

So since I couldn't waste my time on the internet I had a few ideas.
First: I'm going to cross stitch something for father's day! He is on vacation then, but I give it when he comes back. I don't know yet which one, but a frog or a kameleon (sorry, don't know the english word, but a reptile animal :p) it's going to be. Give you a picture later!

Second idea: Since I really managed it to work on the winnie since I decided to try a rotation, I decide to also try a rotation for my piano playing. So I choose three songs...and same story: Play only that one's untill I can play one totally and then replace that one.
For the classical-experts among you:p, these are the pieces:
Burgmüller - Die quelle
Mozart - Rondo alla turca
Beethoven - Für Elise

And other news:
We have a new cat. Well: my siter has, but he (in fact it's a she) is here now.
Arrived tonight with the plain from Spain.

She is a really cutie, she only meows a bit to much...She is now alone downstairs seperated from the other three cats we have (one of me, the other two of my sister) and tomorrow we gonna try what happends if we put my cat in the same room as the newbie. If that's goes allright we gonna try with my siters cats. My cat goes first because he is really easy with other cats.

I'll try to make pictures tomorrow! (then you can also see if my cat looks like the one I made on the bow for my mother:))...and next time I'd cross stitch a bit I'll show you the cats!

Now I'm going to try to sleep...


ps: I really use this :p smiley to much...I quess it's because de ;) look my excuses;)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Little progress..

This is a little post with a little update from a little progress:). Yesterday I stitched a little bit on the winnie. It goes very slow :(...Maybe because there are lots and lots of quater stitches....But every bit is a step closer to the finish :p.

Today I didn't stitch. I've been to the haircutter (I don't know the correct english word:p) and gone shopping. And tonight I'm going out for dinner.

I'm also busy with transulate and update my other website:) So I hope it's finished soon....

So this is for now. Hopefully tomorrow is a stitchy day! (missed it today)


Monday, May 22, 2006

Rotation: First try...

Yesterdag I cleaned my room...Yeah...really!:D I also put the rest of the threads in the new drawers...and I have one drawer to less:(. So when I order new threads I buy a new drawer thing...

Yesterday I also stitcht a little bit on my mothers present as you can see on the picture.
And as you can see in the title of this post: I'm going to start a (sort of) rotation! We'll at least I'm gonna try:).

The reason why: I have a few bigger projects that I have for a long time now and which I really want to finish...So maybe if I tell myself that I'm going to stitch them, I really going to stitch them:p. Normally I don't like rotations: I like stitching things that I feel like 'yeah, lets stitch this' and not ' I have to stitch....'.

So it's also not going to be a day to day rotation but more a weekly thing.

So here's my plan: I'm gonna try to stitch on three categories...
The first: Little projects
The second: A bigger UFO-like project
The thirth: The winnie alphabet
And the ones in my brand new rotation are now:

The first: My mother's present
The second: The winnie on the photo...beneath it you can see how it supposed to look when it's finished.
And the thirth: The winnie alphabet:p.
The idea is like this: I try to stitch on all the pieces in my rotation a little bit each week. And when a project is finished, I replace it for a new one who fits in the category. Except for the alphabet I'm not gonna plan how much I'm going to stitch on it.

But for the alphabet I'm gonna try to stitch every week two characters or
one picture. Then it should be finished in 20 weeks..

We'll see how long my rotation lasts...

Now I leave you to read this long story while I'm going to stitch;)


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Finally a cool winner of the Eurovision Songfestival!!!

Just watched the final of the Eurovision Songfestival and Lordi has won!!!

Really cool;) Finally the people have a good music taste:D...
I think it's a real relief after all those standard artists....Maybe now there's gonna be a big change in the music and performances and then it gonna be a really pleasure to watch..
We'll see:p

For the people who don't know what I'm talking about:
Lordi is a hardrock/metal band from Finland. There performance was really cool in ork-like suits...
And I really like there song:). A little bit soft maybe:P but nice to listen...

Now I'm going on with my cross stitching and tomorrow you get an update of my work on my mother's present:D.


Friday, May 19, 2006

New stash!

Today I went to the post office to get my package. And also another package came today which I ordered a long...long time ago.

First the package from long ago.
I ordered two things for myself:

And I ordered two gifts. One is the one which supposed to be for mother's day and the other is for the birthday of my sister. Which is juli 11th so I think I can finish it on time:).

Then there was also a package which was ordered monday. There where two gifts in it for me!!! Because I passed my math exam. I think there really really cute :D

Now I can finnaly find out if the backstitching from Margaret Sherry's and Tatty Teddy's designs are really that horrible;).

In the last packages where also some other things. Lots of threads which I ordered for a project for a charityquilt. A lot of Jobelan 28 count evenweave. Also for the charityquilt and for the lovely forever friends pattern from Quick and Easy april (hm...the threads where also a bit for this chart;)).

And! Last but not least:D. Now I've got the threads for my secret gift! It's secret because it's for someone who reads my blog sometimes. So I can't post anything about it untill it's finished and recieved.

So my goals for may (I hope to do more but at least I want to finish these:P):

1. The mother's day gift
2. My part of the charityquilt
3. The secret gift...

Now I go and leave you to relax after this long post;).
But one thing which I was forgotten!!! My really really finished Eeyore with the bees!

Still cute;). I can't wait 'till the charityquilt is finished! This one is for the charityquilt which I request for my nice (with whom I did go to the musical wednesday). I think she's gonna be very happy with it:).

This evening I'm going to start the gift for my mum. I hope I finish it before they go on vacation for three weeks.

Now I really go, it's diner time;).



Today I'm going to get my package! Tell you more tonight when I know what's inside! (there's also a present in in it:D)


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Eeyore finished and smileys!

First! (I know, a little late:#) I hope all the mother's had a wonderfull mother'sday!

I'm sorry I didn't post the last few days...I didn't post because I didn't stitch. But today I stitched again and I almost finished Eeyore for the charity quilt:
In fact: I finished Eeyore but it's a little bit too small so I'm gonna stitch some bees (I think 3) around him to fill the space up. Isn't he cute :).

Other subject: I can hear you all thinking...'what did she stitched for mother's day..?' ; ). Well the answer is: nothing:(.

March 24th I had ordered a really cute kit...A mother mouse washing here little baby mouse and on the floor a little mouse in a towel. And then the text: A mother's work is never done..'

But: The package hasn''t arrived yet:X . So I told my mother that she get a wonderfull gift but that she has to wait (again:p). So I hope it arrives soon.

Maybe you're wondering why I didn't stitch. I'll tell you.
I've sorted out my threads:). A while ago I bought some usefull little drawers. So this weekend I finally sorted my threads out. Doesn't it look great:D:

There was only one problem: I had to much threads...So today I went to the store and bought some other drawers. Only need to find out where to place them: they don't fit next to the others.

I still have to put the threads in it. It was de last one (the little one) so I hope I do have enough space now...

The other thing I've done (well, my father did it actually ;) ), was hanging my cross stitch lamp to the wall. I bought it a while ago (same time as the drawers) but didn't hang it untill now. It's really a relief when I want to cross stitch in the evening:). I also hang my second cross stitch work above it (I searched for a nice place since I finished it in 2003 :o).

Here are a few pictures (you can aslo see my boring view out the window...):

Tomorrow I'm going to the musical 'Pluk van de Petteflet' with my nice. So don't know if I have time to stitch then...And ik really hope my package finally arrives!!!!

By the way: don't look suprised if my blog looks really different next time you step by...This layout is really boring me so I'm gonna try to make a more me-like layout..

And....did you see it! Did you see it!!! I finally have smileys in my blog :D:D:D *yay* (I'm sorry, I'm smiley addicted:#) Only a little bit a pity that the didn't have this one: :# (oops) and that the wink looks like this ;). Looks more like a huh! to me:p.

I'm going now, excuse me for the long post; ).