Monday, May 29, 2006


I didn't stitcht much last days...A bit on the winnie, not enough to show you a pic. And I started the alphabet..

I didn't finish two characters which I planned, because I made a mistake with the 'k'. Though the 'l' is finished. Looks a bit odd on the pic:p.

We put the cats together and they all still live:p. Altough the new cat doesn't know what to think about the other cats. So there's a lot of hissing around.
There've been one fight today, but nobody got hurt.

Here are some pictures:

Sleeping on the chair.

Cuddling with me. (the yellow is from a injection)

My cat was lying high looking at the new cat, and newbie was looking up.
Look really cool, but did'nt fit on one photo:(.


Nick said...

Gaaf zeg die letters! Je bent alleen de N de I en de C vergeten.

Hoezo??? Nou de rest kan je overslaan, dit zijn de belangrijkste letters van het alfabet. :p


ps leuk katje!! :D

Athaphian said...

Cool pictures of the cats :D

Lili said...

Jouw katten zijn zeer mooie!
Thanks for pointing out your blog! You're bookmarked! Your cross stitch is just great. And, though I'm now 37 and have a 10 year old son and a daughter aged 5, I do relate to your "life sucks" post. It still happens to me with my parents, and is about to happen with my son. How come we're so bad at communicating really?!
Anyway! Well, it's always difficult to have several cats, with all their territory problems... Since we greeted Luna in our house last January (poor little thing, alone in the streets, cold and famish), our Phoebe (same story but two years ago), won't stop eating! She's so afraid of not having enough food. Together with her constant growling (like a dog) against Luna, it's sometimes fussy!
Hope your rotation works! I'm just too lazy to do that, but I admire those who succeed in it!
Take care!

Matthias said...

iid, cool pictures!
Give them some time and they'll get along just fine:)


Stitchingnow said...

Love the cat photos.

lyssophietje said...

@ Lili:

Wow, it's seems like everyone speaks dutch:p.

And I don't know why where so bad at communicating. Though I know that when my mum was little the relation between her parents and her was different. Then the parents where ..well..the parents:p. When they said something you had to listen. But when my mother says something unfair I go ask why and then she don't know how to talk because she isn't use to it. (hmm..maybe I just answered the question).
Good luck with you're son:)

About the cats:
The new cat (Dana) also won't stop eating. We where wondering why she ate so much but maybe she's also afraid there will be nothing left if she isn't fast enough.

The rotation doesn't work as how a rotation is supposed to be:p. But I hope I can manage it this way to finisch for example the winnie.

Take care!