Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Happy dance and stash!

Hi everyone,
Wow....the weeks fly..... I tryed to update at least ones a week but I failed :(.
But I got a lot to show you!:
First of all, I finished the present for my mum!

And I found a cross stitch shop in the town where I study! They really have a lot and they also design their own things. New stash (the blocks thing is their own design).

This week I picked up the UFO Fire & Ice and I decided that I'm trying to finish it this year! I can't remember why I put it away, it's relaxed stitching and a beautifull design....I'm strange:p.
Progress pic:

I leave you with two pictures of my pets. My cat and my chinchilla. Adorable, aren't they?!

And know I go and try to catch up with your blogs!

Bye :D.


Outi said...

Aww! Cuteness attack! ^^

I love your gift for your mother, it's cute - as is your cat and chinchilla (I've always loved those critters, but never had any).

Barb said...

The gift turned out so cute. Your mom will love it I'm sure. I also like your cat and your chincilla. Your other two pieces are looking good too.

Anonymous said...

Your Mom's present is adorable!

Kitty and chincilla looks pretty cute too. Kitty looks very relaxed.

trysori said...

I see Popcorn!
I adore Popcorn, everytime I see one I don't have I have to get Steve to buy it.

Jenn said...

Your finish is great. I love the way you finished it. Your cat is so sweet.

Stitch or no stitch said...

Great finish - your mom will love it. Great new stash too. Glad you found a nice shop. Now the trick is not to go there too often.(lol)
Your cat & chincilla are adorable.

mija said...

Hello i'm Mija one of Trysori's friends. I seen your House Rules Bow and i was wondering where you got the pattern for that that. Thanks