Friday, May 19, 2006

New stash!

Today I went to the post office to get my package. And also another package came today which I ordered a long...long time ago.

First the package from long ago.
I ordered two things for myself:

And I ordered two gifts. One is the one which supposed to be for mother's day and the other is for the birthday of my sister. Which is juli 11th so I think I can finish it on time:).

Then there was also a package which was ordered monday. There where two gifts in it for me!!! Because I passed my math exam. I think there really really cute :D

Now I can finnaly find out if the backstitching from Margaret Sherry's and Tatty Teddy's designs are really that horrible;).

In the last packages where also some other things. Lots of threads which I ordered for a project for a charityquilt. A lot of Jobelan 28 count evenweave. Also for the charityquilt and for the lovely forever friends pattern from Quick and Easy april (hm...the threads where also a bit for this chart;)).

And! Last but not least:D. Now I've got the threads for my secret gift! It's secret because it's for someone who reads my blog sometimes. So I can't post anything about it untill it's finished and recieved.

So my goals for may (I hope to do more but at least I want to finish these:P):

1. The mother's day gift
2. My part of the charityquilt
3. The secret gift...

Now I go and leave you to relax after this long post;).
But one thing which I was forgotten!!! My really really finished Eeyore with the bees!

Still cute;). I can't wait 'till the charityquilt is finished! This one is for the charityquilt which I request for my nice (with whom I did go to the musical wednesday). I think she's gonna be very happy with it:).

This evening I'm going to start the gift for my mum. I hope I finish it before they go on vacation for three weeks.

Now I really go, it's diner time;).



Matthias said...


Nickynick said...

Hé !! alweer nieuwe post! Ik kan het niet bijhouden joh! :D Kickuh!

Hé gaaf zeg die borduurwerkjes! waar heb je ze besteld eigenlijk? Bij dezelfde site waar je ook die strik had besteld ? Dan kan ik daar even rondneuzen! :p

Over eeyore, zelf had ik die bijen weggelaten. (straks wordt ie nog gestoken, maar ja je moet het zelf weten :p)

En uhh hoe ver ben je nu bij het volgende werkje??? kwispel kispel! ;-)

hihi doeeeeg!

ps Duitsland gaat winnen vanavond!!!

lyssophietje said...

Je moet wel mn posts goed lezen he;) Die bijen moesten erbij omdat het anders een beetje te klein was (het werkje moest 10x10 cm zijn en het was maar 6,5 x 7 cm).

En die strik heb ik niet besteld, die is namelijk uit de collectie. Ik had het patroon van iemand gehad voor de plaatjes erop en de rest zelf gemaakt.
De werkjes heb ik voor de helft besteld bij de borduurgigant en voor de andere helft bij sew and so. Ga je ook borduren ofzo dat je het wilt weten?;).

En binnekort komt er weer een update van mn volgende werje.

En Duitsland winnen? Dacht het niet! FINLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

Athaphian said...

You did not mention who gave you the presents for your math exam passing :p...

I hope you like them :)