Tuesday, August 01, 2006

About backstitching...

Yesterday I finished the little stitch project for the charityquilt.
As usual I was very exciting when I get to the backstitching. I know a lot of stitcher don't like backstitching, but I really love it! It give a great look to you're project!
Just see the difference:

I can not figure out how it's possible to not like backstitching:p.

O, and by the way: the kitty looks really cute, isn't he:D.

I also did a bit on the bookmark. Not much done yet as you can see:

And I have a new thing to ease my cross stitching!
I used to split threads with my mouth. But since I had a piercing that didn't worked very well.
So I started to look around for a threadspliters and when I saw how it works I started to create my own.

It's a really easy concept: just put something heavy under you're threads!
I have no idea how the thing I used is called in english, but for the dutch people:
It's a knijper.

I was planning to post yesterday but blogger was acting weird so it became today.

New update's on bookmark and other things is coming soon!

That's all folks!


ps: I hope you all watch this site in Internet Explorer because in Firefox it looks messy sometimes!


Matthias said...

Hmms my mom, in the time of the dinosaurs, did some stitching and I think it’s backstitching. And indeed I can see the difference. So okay, if I will ever start stitching I will do back stitching :D

The quilt looks cute, hope they’re happy with it:)

Btw, it’s good to split threads with something like a knijper because my mom used her teeth to cut the threads, split them and so on. But her teeth got damaged by it after so many years:(

Take care!

Stitchingnow said...

I love the kitty and the backstitching does make the kitty come to life. I'm not a big fan of backstitching but will do it when I have to. Thank's for the tip on splitting thread. Will see if that concept will work for me..

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