Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Little progress..

This is a little post with a little update from a little progress:). Yesterday I stitched a little bit on the winnie. It goes very slow :(...Maybe because there are lots and lots of quater stitches....But every bit is a step closer to the finish :p.

Today I didn't stitch. I've been to the haircutter (I don't know the correct english word:p) and gone shopping. And tonight I'm going out for dinner.

I'm also busy with transulate and update my other website:) So I hope it's finished soon....

So this is for now. Hopefully tomorrow is a stitchy day! (missed it today)



Matthias said...

Then this is a little tread from me.
:o NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO don't cut your beautiful long to short :((

Just one step a the time and it will be finished before you know it:)

Goodluck tomorrow!!!

Matthias said...

forgot *hair*

lyssophietje said...

I didn't say I cut it to short...:p
Just a little bit, so it looks better...(cut the dead ends of)

Matthias said...

Pheew :)

Nick said...

Hela hola!! Kale! Toch nog ff posten voordat ik ga slapen, goed he?? :p

Ja die Winnie de Poo is echt hartstikke irritant he? gaat zo langzaam ook!

Mag ik je een tip geven?
Af en toe moet je ook even van werkje wisselen :p , dan blijft het leuk....

Komende dagen wordt het geloof ik erg stich-weer dus zet hem op zou ik zeggen!!


ps schiet je een beetje met de volgende update? :p