Wednesday, June 14, 2006

New kit arrived!

Because I passed my math exam, my parents decided to give me a present. It's been a while ago, but the kit was coming from canada. And now it arrived!
Here you can see what it looks like:). Didn't have a better picture.
There's only one thing: The kit contains light blue aida, but I think it looks better on white. Because the blue aida is
And the picture on the front is also on white aida.

Again didn't do much cross stitching. It was really hot weather, and that makes me lazy:p.
But I was planning to stitch a bit today and tomorrow so maybe tomorrow there's a update from my cross stitch works.



Nick said...

Ben ik weer! :D Hé gaaf zeg dat je die hebt gekregen! Echt een leuk 'project'. Beetje het idee van de Ark van Noach. Het zal wel even duren voordat je die klaar hebt denk ik.

Hoe staat het trouwens met je andere projectjes?? :p Je vergeet ze niet mee te nemen op vakantie he?? :p

Hoe is het trouwens met de katjes?? Zijn ze inmiddels al helemaal gewend?? Je mag wel weer een keer (per ongeluk) een foto van ze posten hoor! :p


Lili said...

Hi! Nice kit! I do love working on coloured fabric as far as I'm concerned! Though the blue wave on blue aida really? Well...
I wanted to thank you for your kind words about my mom. I have lots of issues and disagreements with her, but obviously, the fear of losing her definitely gives new perspectives.
Take care!

Matthias said...

Hi, congrats on passing your math exam:)

It's been very hot indeed and it too makes me lazy .. on work :P Why oh why did the airco breakdown Noooooooo...
Uhms :P

Well about aida and Noah, go for the blue aida. It gives a very nice effect to the waves. But I must admit, the white background on the picture looks nice too. *dilemma*

Take care and bye:)

trysori said...

Just poking my head in to check you are okay honey, you've not updated for a while.


lyssophietje said...

@ Nick:

Het is de ark van noah! En denk ook wel dat het lang duurt voor hij af is. De katjes zijn gewend aan elkaar en maak wel weer eens een foto!.

@ Lili:

No thanks!:)
And I was also thinking that the blue waves on the blue is maybe a bit overdone..

@ Matthias:

I think I go for the white. I can't find a picture of it on blue and on white it looks fine...

@ Trysori:

Everything is okay with me (insteed of my legs) and I feel a little dump that I forgot to tell I went away for a while *blush*

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