Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Happy dance and stash!

Hi everyone,
Wow....the weeks fly..... I tryed to update at least ones a week but I failed :(.
But I got a lot to show you!:
First of all, I finished the present for my mum!

And I found a cross stitch shop in the town where I study! They really have a lot and they also design their own things. New stash (the blocks thing is their own design).

This week I picked up the UFO Fire & Ice and I decided that I'm trying to finish it this year! I can't remember why I put it away, it's relaxed stitching and a beautifull design....I'm strange:p.
Progress pic:

I leave you with two pictures of my pets. My cat and my chinchilla. Adorable, aren't they?!

And know I go and try to catch up with your blogs!

Bye :D.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

'A mother's work' almost finished!!!

*yay*, the present for my mum is almost finished! Only some backstitching and a few bubbles!
The mother mouse looks a bit like an alien on the photo:p.
I hope to finish it tomorrow.

I also framed a little work I made a few months ago.
The idea is that an other animal of the serie is going on the other side in the frame. And then I have the same frame for the last two of the serie.

Tomorrow begins my second school week...


Friday, September 15, 2006

A little post...


First of all: Thank you all for the links:) (and those who didn't have links: comments are always welkom:D).
Unfortunatly I still didn't find what I was searching for:(.

This is just little post to let you know that I survived the introductioncamp and my first week of school! :p.

The reason why I didn't update so long: First I had the introduction, then I got sick, and then I had a busy and exhausting first shool week (I was getting used to do nothing...:$).
So no time to stitch:(. But now it's weekend so in a little while I have another update!

About the study: In the first period we have three 'things' (in dutch 'vakken', don't know the english:O):
Cognitive science, maths and logics.
There interesting but diffucult...so the vacation is defenitly over...:p.

This was my little post!

Have a nice weekend everyone:D


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Freebie hunt

I was looking for cross stitch site's which have freebies. I'm part of a group that stitch for charityquilts, but this time I can't find any patterns that match with the requests:(.
The stitching must be about 10x10 cm (55x55 stitches) and have one of the following subjects: giraffe, horse, butterfly of birds.
If anyone can help me find a pattern I'm really glad! And I'm sure the person who get the quilt would be to :).

On my way to find freebies I came to the following site: http://x-plane.org/home/xsdesigners/. In the menu on the top is a link called 'freebie hunt'. You have to answer 6 questions correctly and then you get six free patterns! So I thought let's share this link!

I've also stitched this week. I finished a secret gift for a friend of mine, Matthias, who has a new home since friday. Since he has recieved the gift yesterday it's no longer a secret so I can finally share a photo:p.

As you might figured, it's the picture next to the text:p.
It's a Margaret Sherry design, one of the cattitudes horoscope. (see, I'm learning to mention from who the kit/pattern is! Always forget that...).

It's the 'leo' one. I turned the word 'leo' in to 'leeuw' which is dutch for 'lion' and that is also the dutch word for the zodiac sign 'leo'.

On the other photo you can see how I framed it.
It almost went totally wrong just before the framing,

because after the scanning, there was suddenly a strange yellow spot on the aida. But luckely it went (almost totally!) away after lots and lots of water.

Now I going to bed. Have to get out early tomorrow , 7 o' clock. (well, maybe late for you're opinion, but early for mine:p) And then I have a three day introduction for my new study (real lessons start next week) in the middle of nowhere!

Can you imagine....three days NO stitching, NO internet and NO piano....And...not youre blogs to read!........
How am I ever gonna survive!!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa :p.

Ok, now I'm really going to sleep, I wrote enough on this post already!

Have a nice week everyone!

Bye! :D

ps @ margaret: I was just updating while you posted! But as you can read above I know tomorrow who my fellow students are. And next week if it's an interesting study.