Monday, May 22, 2006

Rotation: First try...

Yesterdag I cleaned my room...Yeah...really!:D I also put the rest of the threads in the new drawers...and I have one drawer to less:(. So when I order new threads I buy a new drawer thing...

Yesterday I also stitcht a little bit on my mothers present as you can see on the picture.
And as you can see in the title of this post: I'm going to start a (sort of) rotation! We'll at least I'm gonna try:).

The reason why: I have a few bigger projects that I have for a long time now and which I really want to finish...So maybe if I tell myself that I'm going to stitch them, I really going to stitch them:p. Normally I don't like rotations: I like stitching things that I feel like 'yeah, lets stitch this' and not ' I have to stitch....'.

So it's also not going to be a day to day rotation but more a weekly thing.

So here's my plan: I'm gonna try to stitch on three categories...
The first: Little projects
The second: A bigger UFO-like project
The thirth: The winnie alphabet
And the ones in my brand new rotation are now:

The first: My mother's present
The second: The winnie on the photo...beneath it you can see how it supposed to look when it's finished.
And the thirth: The winnie alphabet:p.
The idea is like this: I try to stitch on all the pieces in my rotation a little bit each week. And when a project is finished, I replace it for a new one who fits in the category. Except for the alphabet I'm not gonna plan how much I'm going to stitch on it.

But for the alphabet I'm gonna try to stitch every week two characters or
one picture. Then it should be finished in 20 weeks..

We'll see how long my rotation lasts...

Now I leave you to read this long story while I'm going to stitch;)



Athaphian said...

Cool idea. I hope you can stitch to it, I mean.. stick to it :)

Maybe you dont get bored of one of the pieces when you do multiple at a time. But this also means that it takes longer to complete one.

good luck and happy stitching

Matthias said...

Hi, (jeej) you finally cleaned your room :D This you find your bed again under the treads? :P
Aargh a wimper in a eye :o

Where was I? Ohe yeah. What iff you buy the new threads in a all-in-one pre-organised drawer-thingy?? May save some money to.

Stichting rotation, cool idea. Your finaly going pro-stichting GOO Mirjam :D
Nice projects by tha way!
Good luck and have fun!

Matje said...

Can yoe tell us more about the projects? They sound nice. I'm very intreged by the "a bigger UFO-like project"
Is that the picture of when I had trown my shoe in the sky? :P

lyssophietje said...

If you read better you know that the UFO is the Winnie...Well I quess you still had the wimper in you're eye....Is wimper english btw???

And I don't know where I can buy a threads in a-all-in-one-pre-organised-drawer and if I did I quess I don't have enough space and it costs me more because I don't need all the colours;).

Something else: Did you notice when you are on this page and you click on "rotation:first try..", that you see my post and beneath it you're comments with smileys????

I think it looks better, maybe I can fix it so you always see the comments like that...

Happy enough with you're answer, Matthias:P?

Matthias said...

:o must have read over it :$
WOW cool discovery :D
That looks realy nic :D:D:D:D:D
Sorry about me beeing a spamsletje :$

I'm happy enough:)

Nick said...

Weet je wat... morgen pak in m'n woordenboek erbij... en dan geef ik daarna mijn reactie..... gig gig

De lettertjes dansen nu een beetje voor mijn ogen!


Matthias said...

Suck6 Nick with yaw dictionary-word-book-thingy:P
We're all waiting in excitement for your post :D