Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Long time no update!

It's been a long time with no posts! I had a busy weekend, planning vacation and buying stuff for it. And two birthdays. I did a bit of stitching:
The terrible french knots are back!!!! :(. But luckely there almost only on the towel. And it looks nice:).

I also decided to be a bad girl and stop with my rotation. Well, what else can you expect on a day like 06-06-06 :p.

But I have a good reason! A lot of gifts which need to be finished soon.
My mother's day present, my father's day present, the secret gift, my sister's present and something for a charityquilt.
So I thought I'll better make a lot of progress on those before I go on with the non-date-related stuff:p. And I'm going on holiday soon, so...

Well, do I have other news??? O yeah! About the Secret gift!!!!

Hmmm, neh, I don't think I start that...Once I start there ain't no stopping!
So better keep it untill the lucky person has it!

Tomorrow is gonna be another french knot day....And in the afternoon Geert comes and visit me, so I don't think I come anywhere further then only the french knots:p.

See you later!


Nick said...

Ja, wat moet ik er van zeggen he? Zet hem op! ;-)

Matthias said...

Jeej It took a while to load the site but there it was with a new post :D
Who says that waiting isn't worthwhile:)

Planning vacation? Nice going. I still have to plan mine... Hmms maybe a last minute going camping somewhere. Btw ,where will you be going too?

Your that exited about the SECRET GIFT? Then it must be really someting great for someone your care about:) Hope she/he will enjoy it very much.

Take care!

Matthias said...

AARGH my thread was evil or something, it could not get it posted yesterday.
I had tried it about 237456 times :P But then I thought :o what if the site posted all of my 654732 attemps:P But it only recorded one *jeej* _0_

:P enough nonsense from me :P

Lili said...

Thanks for the frog information! Take care!

lyssophietje said...

@ Matthias:

I'm going to France, but you already know that now;).
And the reason I'm not saying anything about the secret gift is that I know myself. Before I realized I post a picture or say what it is or something :p.
And I like teasing the person for who it is;).

A shame blogger didn't post you're post 237456 times:(. Then it looked like I have fans;).

@ Lili:

You're welcome:)