Friday, September 15, 2006

A little post...


First of all: Thank you all for the links:) (and those who didn't have links: comments are always welkom:D).
Unfortunatly I still didn't find what I was searching for:(.

This is just little post to let you know that I survived the introductioncamp and my first week of school! :p.

The reason why I didn't update so long: First I had the introduction, then I got sick, and then I had a busy and exhausting first shool week (I was getting used to do nothing...:$).
So no time to stitch:(. But now it's weekend so in a little while I have another update!

About the study: In the first period we have three 'things' (in dutch 'vakken', don't know the english:O):
Cognitive science, maths and logics.
There interesting but the vacation is defenitly over...:p.

This was my little post!

Have a nice weekend everyone:D



Matthias said...

Enjoy your weekend:)

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