Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Eeyore finished and smileys!

First! (I know, a little late:#) I hope all the mother's had a wonderfull mother'sday!

I'm sorry I didn't post the last few days...I didn't post because I didn't stitch. But today I stitched again and I almost finished Eeyore for the charity quilt:
In fact: I finished Eeyore but it's a little bit too small so I'm gonna stitch some bees (I think 3) around him to fill the space up. Isn't he cute :).

Other subject: I can hear you all thinking...'what did she stitched for mother's day..?' ; ). Well the answer is: nothing:(.

March 24th I had ordered a really cute kit...A mother mouse washing here little baby mouse and on the floor a little mouse in a towel. And then the text: A mother's work is never done..'

But: The package hasn''t arrived yet:X . So I told my mother that she get a wonderfull gift but that she has to wait (again:p). So I hope it arrives soon.

Maybe you're wondering why I didn't stitch. I'll tell you.
I've sorted out my threads:). A while ago I bought some usefull little drawers. So this weekend I finally sorted my threads out. Doesn't it look great:D:

There was only one problem: I had to much threads...So today I went to the store and bought some other drawers. Only need to find out where to place them: they don't fit next to the others.

I still have to put the threads in it. It was de last one (the little one) so I hope I do have enough space now...

The other thing I've done (well, my father did it actually ;) ), was hanging my cross stitch lamp to the wall. I bought it a while ago (same time as the drawers) but didn't hang it untill now. It's really a relief when I want to cross stitch in the evening:). I also hang my second cross stitch work above it (I searched for a nice place since I finished it in 2003 :o).

Here are a few pictures (you can aslo see my boring view out the window...):

Tomorrow I'm going to the musical 'Pluk van de Petteflet' with my nice. So don't know if I have time to stitch then...And ik really hope my package finally arrives!!!!

By the way: don't look suprised if my blog looks really different next time you step by...This layout is really boring me so I'm gonna try to make a more me-like layout..

And....did you see it! Did you see it!!! I finally have smileys in my blog :D:D:D *yay* (I'm sorry, I'm smiley addicted:#) Only a little bit a pity that the didn't have this one: :# (oops) and that the wink looks like this ;). Looks more like a huh! to me:p.

I'm going now, excuse me for the long post; ).



Nick said...

Hey!! Ziet er goed uit die Eeyore! Dat gaat snel zeg! En wat leuk dat je dat lieveheersbeetje hebt opgehangen! Na het maken van dat beestje is de borduurverslaving begonnen he geloof ik.

Veel plezier bij die musical, doe puk de groeten!

(ja ik denk laat ik het een keer kort houden)

trysori said...

Eeyore looks awesome!

And thank you thank you (you know what for).

Outi said...

Oh, Eeyore is just adorable! (I'm bit biased thought as I've always been fond of Eeyore's character.;))

Matthias said...

Iejoor looks real cool! I find it sweet of you to devote time to charityquilts:)

Enjoy the musical.

Kind regard:)

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