Saturday, May 13, 2006

Me is happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so happy! I just heard that I passed my math exam!!! Now I only have to get my propedeuse and than I can go to the University!!!

But this is a blog about cross stitching so I will stop bothering you with that:p.

Yesterday I didn't stitch much. The wether was really warm so I didn't do anything...
But in the evening I've started Eeyore for a charityquilt.
I didn't to much but here is a pic (it's his nose:p):

I also bought my first cross stitch magazine yesterday..
But I don't think I'll buy one again, unless there is a really cute pattern in it. Or I have to listen to Angelsan reviews next time ;).

Thank you all for the nice compliments about the bow for my mum:). Maybe I'm now motivated to stitch some other big wip's... But first I have a list of gifts to finish:p.

I go dancing around and being happy now;).
And maybe cross stitch a bit:p. Or try to transulate my site.

Before I go I had a question: Margaret, why did you leave Zoetermeer and moved to the US? Just curious:). By the way strange to meet someone who has lived in Zoetermeer this way;).

Bye for now!


Matthias said...

CONGRATULATION passing your exam!!!
Nice going Mirjam!
You really have earned it after putting oh so many hours into it:)
It's a "pak van je hart" as the dutch call it :D
Enjoy the freedom:)

iid I hope you are inspired to make even more and bigger stitching projects. Your talent for stitching is again awakend...

Good luck with your P

Best regard

Ps, please dont make your wishlist to long. Last time it took almost 2 minutes to download all the new beautifull and cute pictures whenn i openend the site :P

lyssophietje said...

You should buy faster internet then;).

And it's indeed een pak van mn hart:p.

Nick(ikbenhet) said...

Nogmaals gefeliciteerd met het halen van je wiskunde! Hard werken wordt beloond hè?

De ketel is even van het vuur wat betreft het halen van nieuwe deadlines.... daar bedoel ik trouwens niet mee dat je nu achterover moet gaan leunen laat dat even duidelijk zijn hè.....:p
Altijd oppassen dat de uiterste houdbaarheidsdatum niet verloopt he? huh? (neeeee niet van een borduurwerkje, van een p-mix! ;-))

Trouwens toen ik je site opende dacht ik al... hé dat is de neus van Ieoor! (en de paashaas bestaat echt)

Hé ik ga naar m'n bedje, er komt niks zinnigs meer uit.

Succes met het volgende project en vergeet ons niet op de hoogte te houden! ;-)

Greetings! (ik begin het te leren)