Thursday, May 11, 2006

Project finished:)

I finally finished the project for my mothers birthday:).

For those who can't read dutch I will shortly translate the posts below: My mothers birthday was on may 9th and I wanted to give her tis project as present. But when I finished the cross stitching there were a few problems with sewing it in a I gave it her one day to late...but I think the result is worth the wait;).

So here is a picture of it:

My mum said she is very happy with it. It's going to hang in the living room:).

After finisching this project I went back to my little spring project and here is a picture of the progress:

I also gone to personalise my blog more soon.
And today I'm going to update my website.

In the future I maybe also transulate it in english.
But that depends on the respond of non-dutch people on this blog;).

I'm going now, have car driving lessons soon ( I don't know how to say that correctly in english :o)

Bye for now and hope to see you all soon again on my blog:)

Note: Zoals jullie zien ga ik mijn blog in het engels schrijven, voor zover ik dat volhoudt:p. De reacties mogen wel gewoon in het nederlands als je nederlands bent en dat makkelijker vind!


Stitch or no stitch said...

Since we're both on San's forum I thought I'd drop by your site. Love the bow you made for your mom. She must have been so pleased to receive it.

I used to live in Zoetermeer. How about that!!! We left there in 1998 and moved to the US in 2000.

Will drop by again to see what you're stitching.


(Ik schrijf maar in het engels omdat je nu ook je blog in het engels schrijft)

Outi (aka. succubia) said...

No wonder she's happy to receive that, I loved it too. :P

In my opinion 'driving lesson' is the term used in English (but then, I'm not native speaker so I wont claim to be correct ;)).

Nick said...

Hello its mie ekken!!

Laat ik maar niet in het engels posten, dat schrikt denk ik bezoekers af...

Het borduurwerkje ziet erg echt super mooi uit! Nog mooier eigenlijk dan het plaatje van hoe die moest worden. (ja komt ook een beetje door die kat natuurlijk hè!)

Nou de stres is weer even voorbij.. hahaha. En volgens mij heb je een hoop nieuwe dingen geleerd door dit project. Volgens mij heb jij die zwarte band borduren wel gehaald dacht ik zo.. ;-)

Hé succes met je volgende project.
ps: je vergeet niet die opblaaskoe hè? :p

Lili said...

Hi! I come from San's forum too! I'm French, and I have decided to write my blog in English to share with more people, so of course, I can only encourage you in that way!
I am impressed by the bow you've made for your mom: it's incredible!
I'll be back!
Take care!

Matthias said...

True indeed, I’m impressed to.
Great job Mirjam, you can be proud of what you’ve made. I heard your mother was very pleased with your gift we can see why:) The finished project looks really fantastic!!!

Nice touch going international with the blog and the site. The first steps to become a SuperStitchingStar :D

I wish you all the luck with you next (secret :P) project!

Bye bye