Wednesday, July 26, 2006

At last! Pictures!

Finally I have them! Picture's! I bought batteries for my camera and now it works again!
So I can show you the little I've done (it's very hot here, to hot to keep my crossstitch mojo up:p):

This is the progress I made on my sister's birthday present which was the 11th of July *blush*. But I promised her to finish it soon!

This is the progress I made for the charityquilt. Only a bit air, grass, cat, bee and backstitch and it's finished! I hope I can do that tomorrow!

And I bought some new stash. Eeyore things :) because Eeyore is really cute ^^. And the zebra is from a serie from which I already made the giraffe!


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bad girl...

O, I'm really a bad girl! I promised to update more and still didn't do it!
But now I need to finish something before august, so maybe that will help me keep my blog up to date!

I have no photo's yet, because my camera is acting weird. But in the meantime I have some news:
First: I have a piercing in my lip! *yay*.
Second: I have a car! Don't have my drivers license yet....I got the car from Nick for free! So again thank you very much Nick!
And my legs are getting better. They're no longer swollen. Only a little bit red from the sunburn.

Then about cross stitching:
My sisters present is not ready yet, but first I gonna make a little cat for a charityquilt.

I want to finish it this week!
And I'll try much harder to update more often!

Thank you all for you're comments:)


Friday, July 07, 2006

I'm still here!

I haven't post a long time. I've been on vacation for 1,5 weeks and I was planning on mention it in my blog. But I forgot....The week before I was gone was very busy with school things and stuff. So I also didn't sticht much then. And I'm a really chaotic person so the evening before we would leave I still needed to pack al my clothes and other things. And so it happened that I realised I didn't post about the vacation when I was sitting in the car on my way to France *blush*. Maybe a good idea for me to buy a brain!

So I went to France. It was really great there. We where planning to go for two weeks, but on monday my legs started to act strange. The became swollen, more and more. And then I wasn't able to walk anymore because of the pain, so we decided to go home. And know I'm home since wendnesday evening. But could'n post since today because it's just now that I can finally walk a little bit again!

I did a bit of stitching for my sisters birthday which is 11th july. Not have a picture yet, I'll try to post one tomorrow.

I hope you all can forgive for not mention my vacation...I try to post more often again! Hope you still want to visit my blog! 2 months vacation from now so a lot of stitching is coming up!